Osteopaths are regularly challenged by insurance companies, MDs and other healthcare professionals for not having any scientific research to back up osteopathic medicine. At the same time there is a lot of interesting research done all over the world that is relevant to osteopathy but hardly known.
In addition to this professional research work done by osteopaths and other medical practitioners many osteopathic students write a diploma thesis or Master thesis to finish their studies.

These theses - some of which are high quality work - are presented to a jury and a small audience, but after they have been accepted they are usually neither published nor easily accessible for osteopaths from outside of the respective school.

Our project's goal is to connect those two: The references and abstracts of osteopathic research projects are submitted to a database that is accessible via internet from all over the world for free, presenting osteopathic research not just to the osteopathic community but also to the interested public.

Osteopaths who are interested in the details of a specific research paper from our database could then mail-order a printed version from the respective university or school. Alternatively the full-text articles are sometimes made available as PDF.